Brosia Love consists of items that owner, Ambrosia (Brosia) Malbrough loves! Ambrosia has hand selected pieces for you to enjoy just as much as she does. With forever changing styles, Ambrosia keeps the shop fresh and packed with great picks for you.  Ambrosia seasonally handmakes select items, such as the Faceted Stud Earrings.

2011 - BL Boutique is founded Ambrosia was given some motivational words which encouraged her to launch the online boutique, starting with a limited amount of hand made styles, along with consigned items from small online designers.

2012 - The Faceted Stud Earrings debut. Ambrosia personally hand cut and painted each facet, demand for these were high. The Faceted stud is still the highest requested piece in the shop.

The Antique Silver Facet. Ambrosia launched the Antique Silver facet, the particular color & texture was chosen by Robert Davis and has been the most popular color choice.

2013 - The Faceted Stud Collection Amped up '13 Marks the year of experimentation, limited editions of facets were released including the Ruby Love fact

2014 - Dropped 'Boutique'
With growth comes change, BL Boutique became Brosia Love.